Our Services


  1. Online delivery

You don’t have to be at the restaurant to enjoy the food; you can use our online delivery service to enjoy the meals in the comfort of your home.

Use the order form on our website and fill in the details to get the right order. E will deliver in the shortest time possible depending on location.

  1. Outside catering services

Are you having an event, and you want your guests to have the best meals as they enjoy the events of the day? Why not engage our outside catering team and have your guest have memorable moments with or mouth-watering dishes.

4. Fine dining

If you want the three meal courses, get to enjoy our fine dining experience as you have a good “me” time or socialize with your friends.

The menu has varied menu offers to accommodate all, including people with special needs and nutritional requirements.

5. Self-service

The walk-in customers have a self-service platform where they order and wait for their delivery using a ticket system, which is fast and efficient.

Enjoy our meals at home using this service and be part of our success.

6. Food Truck delivery

Look out for our food truck for your deliveries or ready-made meals within your locality. Check on our websites and plan with us to also have the fun of our customer loyalty program.

6. Waiter service

Do you want to sit n any of our restaurants and be served like a king or queen? Our waiter service sorts you on this.

The excellent waiter service with top-notch customer service skills is our pride. Our staff have gone through the training and made good use of it to enhance customer service.

7. Customer loyalty program

We value our customers and want to reward them for their loyalty. We have offers, coupons, and discounts on specific days and menus.

 Be on the lookout to maximize on them. Also, for every coin you spend in any of our restaurants, you accumulate points that are redeemable as cash within our restaurants.

Don’t walk into any restaurant when not sure of the kind of service. Go to where you get value for money. Trust us with your time and money, and you will not regret the type of service you will get.