About us


Lilia A. Tan

My name is Lilia A. Tan. I’m the founder of Restolilico Restaurant. I’m a professional chef who has experience cooking delicacies from all walks of life in this globe.

My drive to establish this local restaurant with international standards is to give you a global culinary experience at your local joint. 

Everyone dreads to have a good treat at the five-star hotels but at what cost? I want people to have the five-star hotel experience right at their location.

That is the main objective of the establishment of this eatery. We don’t forget the local walk-in customer who also wants to enjoy the delicacies at the comfort of your home. Make an order, and you’ll have it at your doorstep.



Mission And Vision


 We want to have a difference in the culinary set up both at home and in our eateries. Our mission is to give customers value for their money through our sumptuous meals, which don’t compromise either quantity or quality.

Our mouth-watering dishes leave you craving for more and more. That is how we have managed to maintain customer loyalty.


We want to have dynamism in how we handle customers at our eateries. We are the game-changer in the culinary industry, where we give the customer value for money.

Whatever your budget, you get the same service as guests in five-star hotels. We offer the public the chance to sample the benefits in those hotels right at their local restaurants.