Biker Chef’s guide on choosing the right Helmet

Safety is not an option in the life of a biker. A simple fall can lead to permanent body damage that one could prevent by just putting on the right protective gear. The most dangerous accident is the head injury and that is why a helmet is must-have gear for all biker chefs. After a hard day’s work in the kitchen preparing the best meals then it is time to unwind and relax. Nature offers the best opportunity since it makes you have a change of environment. Why not go for a bike ride and enjoy what nature has to offer? Before you start that road trip make sure you have your motorcycle helmet states. The helmet required states that you need to have the right helmet to enhance your comfort. If you lack one then here are five tips that come in handy to aid a chef biker to choose the right one.

Choose the right size and weight of the helmet that enhances your comfort

The best way to get the size of your helmet is by measuring the circumference of your heal just above the eyebrows. Use this measurement to get a fitting size with just a small allowance. Besides, you need to get a helmet made of lightweight material but does not compromise on the quality. In most cases, the outer part is the hard plastic whose role is to protect the skull against a fall.

Try many helmets just to be sure of the fitting size

There are many options in the market. Try as many types and sizes just to get the right fit. This operation allows you to have more features and tips that you may be looking for. Finally, you will get a perfect helmet.

Make sure the cheek pads do does not cause friction

Friction between the two causes discomfort and in worst cases it can cause peeling of the skin. At this point, you may be forced to even throw the helmet since it is not of help- what a waste of resources and time!

The pads and temples should be fitting with no space in between

The space between the temple and the pads accumulates moisture that will also cause friction on the skin making you uneasy especially when on a long road trip; you need to get a fitting helmet at all costs.

Get a helmet with a temperature regulation feature

The cushion and outer material have a positive effect when it comes to temperature regulation. The outer hard plastic reflects light such that it does not reach the face making you sweat profusely while the inner material absorbs the right amount of heat ideal for your comfort.

Helmets play an important role when it comes to the protection of the helmet especially during a fall or a head-on collision with an object. As much as you never anticipate an accident, it is inevitable and you do not know the day and time that it will knock your door.